To Know Jesus and Make Him Known

How are we accomplishing our vision (our Mission Statement):

  • We strive to communicate the love and good news of Christ to our neighbors both locally and around the world.
  • We endeavor to cultivate a deepening faith in Christ widely, through intentional relationships among fellow believers.
  • We seek to equip those who attend Hilton Head Presbyterian Church with a deep understanding and practical application of the Bible.


To Glorify God in all things by holding to these core values:

  1. The truth of the Word of God. We believe that the Bible is complete and fully inspired by God. It contains all truth about God, salvation, faith, and life. It is only through the gospel of Jesus Christ that we can truly be in relationship with God.
  2. Missional Living. We seek to share the good news of the gospel through our words and actions to all corners of our society.
  3. Love. We strive to love others in the selfless way Jesus loves us.
  4. Community. We actively pursue a culture of deepening relationships through family, discipleship, worship, and ministry, revolving around the gospel of grace.
  5. Joy. We communicate this overarching heart-attitude in the way we live our lives.