Life Groups meet weekly for fellowship and spiritual formation in homes throughout HHI and Bluffton. These small groups exist to cultivate our life together as a community of faith in which we know one another personally and are known in community. Groups of 6-8 families gather weekly for:

Fellowship – Life Groups are designed to be a place where you build authentic, meaningful relationships.

Study – Every Life Group studies the Bible together each week, building fellowship around the Word of Life.

Prayer – Life Groups spend time in prayer for one another, the church, and their community.

Contact Andrew Shank for more information.


Langhals - Hilton Head Plantation

• Wednesday Evenings
• Contact Doug Langhals at

Olshefski -Wexford

• Wednesday Evenings
• Contact Joe Olshefski at

Rein/Shank - Gumtree Road

• Monday Evenings
• Contact Andrew Shank at

Townes - Forest Beach

• Wednesday Evenings
• Contact George Townes at

Wedgeworth - Hilton Head Plantation

• Monday Evenings
• Contact David Wedgeworth at

Newton - Indigo Run

• Tuesday Evenings
• Contact Joe Newton at


Curtis/Scott - Old Town Bluffton

• Sunday Evenings
• Contact Dylan Curtis at

Kristoff/Holmberg - Bluffton

• Tuesday Evenings
• Contact Nick Kristoff at